Data Scientist Skills

General Skills to Look for When Hiring a Data Scientist

Big data analytics has increasingly been embraced by wide range of companies and has become essential to doing business. Most organizations are currently investing in infrastructure that is able to collect and manage large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. On the other hand, key challenges such as the scarcity of individuals who possesses the right skills of turning data into insights are growing at an intense rate.

To be able to bridge the current gap between the supply and demand of data scientists, there has been the creation of many new advanced academic programs particularly in data science and analytics that has enabled many computer scientists, statisticians, and even operations research professionals to undergo extra training in new data analysis tools and approaches. However, these newly-minted data scientists should be conversant with both the latest data science and business languages, in addition to having sufficient understanding of IT problems and having the capability to associate understanding to preferred actions. The following are some of the skills a data scientist should have to be successful in the data science and business environment;

Data scientists should always be curious

Data scientists should understand that each and every single day comes with newer learning in the data science field. Because of that, they should be willing and curious to learn at least something new as frequent as possible. They should also be willing to go out into the world, explore, and become adventurous so that they can bring new ideas into the field.

They should be dedicated and patient

It is typical for a data scientist to feel kind of lost in large volumes of data. That can make others lose sight of their goals in efforts to assemble pieces of various data items. Also, it is not recommended for data scientists to move too quickly since that can result in errors, therefore, they should rely on getting the specifics right which requires time and energy.

Data scientists should be rigorous

All data scientists have a duty to their customers, therefore, they should ensure that any data that reaches their clients is perfectly and precisely curated. This can be achieved by carefully analyzing and cross-checking with fellow data scientists and other attentive business individuals.

They should be creative

Being rigorous should never inhibit a data scientist’s creativity levels. There should never exist something like a barrier other than legal or moral barriers for data scientists to design new data models, processes, perspectives, analyses and even algorithms.

They should be willing to make an impression

Any data scientist’s vision is to make sense out of the realities originating from data. Therefore, they should be willing to offer a positive influence across various organizations, individuals and even countries by simply creating certain data or conclusions collectively obtainable.

Can work in teams, groups or other individual’s companies

It is ethical for data scientists to work as part of various teams and avoid insulating themselves from one another. They should actually be willing to associate with others harmoniously with other groups in an organization such as finance, operations among others.

They should possess the love of data

The consequence of the business orientation is the willingness of data scientists to care deeply for the data. They should have the skills to detect a diamond of data from a section of coal data.

Have responsibility towards their clients

Given most of what they actually produce reaches their clients somehow, it is crucial that what data scientists produce becomes well-curated data, well-constructed and offer the relevant analysis to clients.

Among other skills they should have to include understanding how they can prioritize tasks that are founded on their revenue generation, being customer centric, have problem-solving skills, must be proactive among many others.