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You’ll get to showcase your talent, obtain invaluable help in developing your skills, and receive a written endorsement from your mentor, allowing you to stand out among your peers.


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Interview requests from leading companies will immediately come in with salary offers and upfront hiring bonuses.

Our mentors are from leading tech companies.

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How Does It Work?

Our mission is to solve one of the biggest problems facing both hiring managers and candidates – finding the right job fit. Candidates selected for our mentorship program will be assigned to an industry expert Data Scientist. As one of the selected candidates, you will spend 2-3 hours per week with an industry expert Data Scientist who will assess your skills, identify your strengths, and help you grow in your career.

By the end of the program, your mentor will have a full picture of your talent, capabilities, and field of interest. Your mentor will then showcase these traits directly to our employer partners. Think of this as an expert endorsement. Hiring Managers can then send an interview request with the job description and non-binding compensation/equity information all upfront, directly to you. You can also hide your information from your current and former employers.


Advantages of Our Program

Apply once, receive the endorsement of your mentor, and get job offers from our employer partners.

  • Receive an Endorsement

    An expert endorsement and a detailed assessment report can give you a competitive advantage for you and make you stand out among your peers.

  • Gain Valuable Advice

    Your mentor can offer valuable insights into what it takes to get ahead on your career path. You may learn shortcuts that will help you work more effectively and avoid "reinventing the wheel."

  • Develop Your Knowledge & Skills

    Your mentor can help you identify the skills and expertise you need to succeed in your career, and advise you on where to go to get the knowledge you need.

  • Improve Your Communication Skills

    Just like your mentor, you will learn to communicate more effectively, which will certainly help you in the workplace.

  • Expand Your Professional Network

    Your mentor can offer you an opportunity to expand your existing network of professional contacts.

  • Familiarize Yourself With Real Work Challenges

    Working 1:1 with your mentor will help you bridge the gap between academia and industry (for new grads).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are a Mentor and Mentee?

Mentoring is a relationship between two people for the purpose of professional and personal development. The "mentor" is usually an experienced Data Scientist who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with a less experienced Data Scientist or a Data Scientist candidate.

Data Scientist mentors support and encourage their mentees by offering suggestions while sharing their knowledge on both general and specific issues. The goal is to help mentees improve their skills, and hopefully, advance their careers. Many of our mentees get hired at the end of the program.

Is the Mentorship Program free for candidates?

Yes, this program is free for our candidates.

Do you offer a career advice service?

Yes. Candidates accepted into the program will receive interview coaching, a resume review, and career advice from an expert if they so desire.

How do you match mentees with mentors?

We match based on factors such as mutual areas of professional interest, schedules, geographic proximity, etc.

Who should apply for the HopHR’s mentorship program?

Ph.D. graduates and Master's degree holders: If you just graduated from your Ph.D. or Master's program and are ready to start your career as a Data Scientist, our top-notch industry expert Data Science mentors can inform you about what goes on in a real-world work environment, as well as guide you in choosing a career path that is right for you. Working side by side with a veteran Data Scientist will give you a glimpse into the real-world environment. Faculty and postdocs are also welcome.

Junior and Senior Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Data Engineers: If you are currently working in a Data Science role or previously worked in one, and if you specialize in Data Mining, Machine Learning, Python, R, SQL or other Data skills, you are welcome to apply.

Big Data Software Engineers: Are you good at statistics? Do you also know Python? Then you need to submit your application to HopHR. Our mentors can help you start working on the necessary skills you need to become a great Data Scientist.

Director, VP, & Chief Data Science Officers: Are you open to ideas and want to explore a new opportunity that is clearly superior to what you are currently doing? Do you want to benchmark your knowledge with a top-notch industry expert, learn from each other, and expand your professional network?
We have mentors from across a number of domains, industries, companies, and locations. Many of them are founders/CEOs, Chief Data Science Officers, VPs, and Directors of Data Science ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 100 companies.

How does this program differ from Data Science Boot Camps?

Boot Camps help you learn and develop specific skills and knowledge. Boot Camps and training courses, by their nature, start with their own agendas rather than with your situation. Mentoring, however, can be tailored to your specific career needs and goals.

What happens at the end of the program?

Each Mentor writes a report that is added to his or her mentee’s profile and that serves as an endorsement from an expert. At the end of each cycle, we showcase the profiles of top candidates to our partner employers.

What happens in the first week of the program?

Mentees provide a full self-assessment of their current skills, as well as the skills they want to develop. Each Mentor then discusses his or her current job responsibilities and explains how he or she entered the profession. Also, mentees can ask mentors for small assignments that will help them develop their career skills.

Do the mentorship programs follow a structure?

Yes. Mentors will give assignments and work on real projects with their mentees. Mentors can also provide participants with brief biographies of their career achievements.

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