Data Scientist Job Description Template

Data Scientist Job Description Template: The Art of Writing a Good Job Description

Data scientists are responsible to help companies make sense of the big data. A data scientist needs to compare and get the data from different resources and then the data will be analyzed to get a better understanding. For doing so, a data scientist should have domain expertise and full understanding of the business and its objectives. Writing Job Description for a data scientist will include a lot of different aspects i.e. a data scientist can be a software engineer, a hacker and a scientist at one time.
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Business Intelligence Job Description Template

Business Intelligence Analyst Job Description Template

Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts are responsible for data interpretation to determine market trends and communicate the results with the company and its management team. The company then utilizes the presented insights to improve its both bottom-line and top-line. Business intelligence analysts sometimes work directly for a company or as a consultant. They utilize a number of methods by pulling out company’s data using software, studying competitor’s data and industry trends in order to develop a perfect framework to know the standing of the company in the industry and how they can boost their performance and lessen their costs.
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Data Scientist Must-Have Skills

General Skills to Look for When Hiring a Data Scientist

Big data analytics has become normal. Most organizations are currently investing in infrastructure that is able to collect and manage large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. On the other hand, key challenges such as the scarcity of individuals who possesses the right skills of turning data into insights are growing at an intense rate.
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What Pays More: Data Science or computer Science

What Pays More: Data Science or computer Science?

Borrowing from a lot of research done on who earns more between a data scientist and a software engineer, the two seem of those professionals seem to pay pretty similar salaries and wages. However, data scientists seem to earn more basically because they work around the San Francisco area whereas most software engineer jobs are scattered all over due to its dispersed demand nature. Most people also think that given data scientists have skills in both programming and statistics whereas software engineers know just programming, data scientists are bound to be in more demand and thus being paid more.
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Interview a Data Scientist

How to Interview a Data Scientist?

Most interviewers always aim to recruit all-rounded employees. For instance, to employ the right data scientist requires a specific set of questions while interviewing them. Fortunately, there are numerous interview questions from different sources despite most of them tend to incline on the technical and quantitative facets of the job with less or no considerations to other softer skills a data scientist may have.
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Building a Complete Team, How to Hire, How to Fire

Host: Kayvan Baroumand, Silicon Valley CEO, founder, investor
Guest Speaker: Nazli Nadem, CEO and founder of HopHR
Kayvan Baroumand is the Founder and CEO of Global Tech Venture, a global network of business accelerators with the mission of accelerating the companies success through educational workshops, mentorship and professional services to build tomorrows technology leaders. He also founded GSVLabs (formerly NestGSV), a co-working space in Silicon Valley.
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