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Get access to ready-to-hire quality candidates, view detailed evaluation reports, and hire with insight.

5 Reasons to Hire from HopHR Marketplace

  • No recruiters hounding you

    Every week we release new candidates; so no more distractions from recruiters.

  • All candidates are assessed by an expert Data Scientist, not a recruiter

    You will see a detailed evaluation of the candidate’s technical & soft skills.

  • We showcase only top talent

    HopHR accepts only the top 5% of applicants.

  • Scientifically formulated job-matching algorithm

    This literally shows you how closely each candidate matches your job requirements.

  • Browse candidate profiles for free

    Log in to your HopHR account to browse the profiles of all candidates matching your requirements.

A few words about us:

At HopHR, we help people find the right job fit. Our mission is to rewire the way people hire employees and the way candidates search for jobs.

What do we do?

HopHR provides an online marketplace for hiring top data science talent. Our candidates undergo a 2-week mentorship program with an experienced data scientist. The candidate’s technical skills and thought processes are assessed and a detailed report is included on his or her profile.

At the end of each mentorship cycle, we release our candidate profiles and assessment reports to our partner companies. You search for the kind of talent that best meets your requirements, schedule interviews and send job offers through our platform. It couldn’t be easier!

How are we different?

  • Two-Step Quality Screening Process

    All candidates go through two screening stages: an initial screening, performed by HopHR's Talent Acquisition team, and a secondary screening performed by an expert Data Scientist Mentor during the Mentee Selection steps.

  • Detailed Candidate Evaluation Reports

    Data Scientists must possess a hard-to-find blend of advanced mathematics, statistics, data visualization, and computer science skills. We have come up with a detailed assessment and evaluation form as well as a job-matching algorithm to ease the process of matching applicants with opening roles. The selected candidates spend 2-3 hours per week with an industry expert Data Scientist for 2-7 weeks. Mentors assess the candidates’ skills, identify their strengths, and help them learn and grow professionally. By the end of the program, mentors will have a full picture of each candidate’s talents, capabilities, and fields of interest, and will showcase them directly to our employer partners.

  • Effective Job Matching Approach

    The Data Scientist title is loosely defined, which results in obfuscation on resumes and an exaggeration of skills. That’s why it is hard to locate candidates who match the job opening from among the noisy pool of applicants. Our upfront investment and proactive recruitment process cut out the noise for you. You no longer have to spend your time evaluating noisy and tailored resumes.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Quantitative Vetting Process

    We provide a pre-hire assessment of both the candidate's technical skills and thought processes.

  • Unique Proactive Recruitment Approach

    We've built and maintained a solid Data Science talent pipeline to attract and retain highly qualified candidates.

  • We Specialize in Data Science Recruitment

    We know Data Scientists – where to find them and how to build and maintain relationships with them.

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